Strength Above All

Album: Draw The Line (2007)

Song: Draw The Line

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With a foundation going years back Strength Above All was formed in the spring of 2002 in Roermond (in the south of the Netherlands) when Marlon and Nic (both former Down To Fight) joined up with Roel, Chris and Rob. After writing an entire new set of songs and rehearsing like hell Strength Above All gave everyone a devastating first live pounding in Roermond in July 2005 after which they took up pace by doing shows all over the south-east of the Netherlands and by (self-) recording their bone-crushing debut EP titled 'Draw The Line'. Ever since, Strength Above All is going strong in blasting away audiences in venues in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and building up a reputation as a solid live band with a tight sound and alive stage performance.

Strength Above All mixes hardcore and metal by keeping the directness and aggression of hardcore in tact while packing that metal tightness and punch in their sound. Though creating an own style they will surely remind people of bands such as Hatebreed, Merauder, Kickback and Pro-Pain. In the songs the pounding drums, massive guitar riffs and ripping guitar solo's are topped of by an uncompromised brutal throat that spits personal rage and dissatisfaction with the world right in your face.

Currenlty Strength Above All is busy writing new material for upcoming recordings later in 2007 while leaving no stage safe anywhere. Prepare for Strength Above All to keep your blood boiling for a while.

You have been warned!